Having a difficult time finding a sturdy table runner that can actually protect the surface of your client's boardroom table? Look no further, as we have the perfect solution for you! With our black leather conference table runners, you can cover the amount of space in the center of your client's table to prevent damage from occurring during their next boardroom meeting. This leather table runner was created to have a professional appearance while also being very durable. The build quality and attention to detail are apparent as soon as you see it. From the felt backing to the seamless wrapped edging, the design and craftsmanship are more than you'd expect in a conference room accessory.

Like all conference table pads from Dacasso, this sturdy leather table runner features a rigid core that will always lay flat and provide the highest level of table protection. The internal structure allows the table runner to handle the use (and abuse) during a typical boardroom meeting.


Designed for conference rooms or dining tables with classic style and functionality, each table runner measures 30" x 12.5". And when 4 are combined, the table runners measure 120" x 12.5", covering the largest tables out there. When it comes to style, furniture protection and boardroom organization, this table runner is an easy choice!


Conference Table Single Runners