Solar Power

That’s right! Dacasso now uses the sun for more than just daylight.  An investment was made to use solar power to reduce the company’s environmental impact while continuing to develop great products.  Designed and installed by Solar Impact, Dacasso’s new solar powered system came online April 15, 2013.

The system uses grid-tied solar panels capable of generating 32.2 KW of power in clear conditions.  It was designed to generate each month the amount of power the company consumes, so as to remain energy neutral.

Dacasso is proud to have made the investment in the environment’s future by converting operations to renewable energy.  Dacasso will continue to identify other initiatives inside the operation to reduce Dacasso’s environmental impact.

Paperless Invoicing

Dacasso had a goal to streamline the internal invoicing process so as to provide an improved customer service experience.  In 2013, Dacasso introduced an internal customer management software designed to reduce paper consumption.  Customers receive paperless invoices and have a portal to access previous invoices if needed. The reduction of paper usage lowers the carbon output created by the Post Office. Decasso’s initiative to save paper and improve the invoicing process produced a win-win situation for the environment and customers.

Digital Fax

One more process changed to meet the goal of reducing environmental impact was the move to digital faxes. Faxes are received via email in a PDF and filed accordingly in the new cloud system.

Live Solar Power Plant Data

Check back again later to see updated numbers.