Supplying Financial, Legal, Government and Education for over 10 years!

Dacasso has been the premier manufacturer of leather conference room and desk accessories for over 10 years now!
A great portion of this success is due to our ability to serve the Financial, Legal, Government and Education industries.

We have worked with many banks and other financial institutions over the years. Providing conference room accessories for boardroom meetings
has been a big part of this success. Conference table pads, coasters and organizers are very popular in this industry.
Our imprinting options offer these institutions an opportunity to display their logo in the most elegant of settings.

Many law firms have purchased from us to facilitate their desks and meetings.
Desk pads and desk sets are a popular gift for new law graduates looking to adorn their first professional office.
We also have the capabilities for personalizing our products!  Nameplates, clocks and most of our other desk accessories
can be personalized, making for a great gift idea.

One of our favorite client’s has been the White House.
Our conference room accessories have adorned the Situation Room for over 10 years now!
From President George W. Bush to President Barrak Obama to current President Donald Trump,
our conference room accessories have gone to great use at the highest level.
The famous photo of former President Obama in the Situation Room during the Osama Bin Laden raid
features our Classic Black Leather Conference Pads-P1010 underneath the laptops on the table.
This is just one of many instances our pads have been put to great use.

Universities have been another of our more reliable clients.
We have outfitted a number of schools over the years. Outside of our desk sets and desk accessories,
we also offer bookmarks, desk clocks, portfolio cases and book weights, among other things.

At Dacasso, we strive to serve all of our client needs, no matter the industry.